Don’t Let Time Management in College Go By The Wayside

Going off to school as a college freshman can become overwhelming in more than one way. It’s so much different being away at school than at home and attending high school. As a college student you have that new-found, infamous freedom that your friends do nothing but rave about; meanwhile your parents do nothing but […]

Ten Tips to Stay On Top of Studying

Studying is one of the most important aspects of college. It will help you succeed in your classes and lectures. Studying can often be a burden to make time for. Follow the following ten steps to stay focused and keep your studying habits in-tact. 1. Start studying as soon as possible. If the textbook is […]

Top 10 Interview Skills to Impress

Congratulations, you have landed an interview with a potential employer. Your foot is in the door but you must complete the interview process. Characteristics of interviews vary from job to job. Following the simple tips below can help you land the job and start the next chapter of your life. 1. Dress appropriately Depending on […]

Get to Know Your Professors

With rigorous class schedules and detailed syllabi, professors can often be hard to reach and intimidating. Do not be afraid of your professors. Build a strong relationship with your professors as they are full of knowledge and experience in the field you are about to enter. Professors can be your best allies in college as […]

Understanding The Importance Of Accreditation

The American higher education system is not government regulated. Many private and public institutions rely on private accreditation programs in order to retain students who will move onto viable careers. Individuals planning attendance at a collegiate institution should be aware of accreditation and the impact it will have on their college experience. Concluding a program without accreditation […]