Don’t Be a Freeloader!

It’s been nearly a decade since “adultescence” was chosen by Webster as the word of the year. According to the dictionary publisher, the rising number of young adults mooching off good old Mom and Dad was enough to be considered a “Peter Pandemic.” According to the New York Times, these so-called “kidults” blame the high […]

If You’re Lonely, You’re Not Alone

Are you lonely? Yes, you. Are you lonely? Let’s be honest here. There’s no one to impress. This isn’t about how many Facebook friends you have or how many people follow you on Twitter. And it’s not about how many texts you get each day or hour, either. It has nothing to do with how […]

What to Do When the Class You Need Is Closed

As a college student, there’s nothing worse than seeing the dreadful “closed-icon” above the class that you so desperately needed to take next semester. Don’t start freaking out just yet! Make sure you exhaust all of your options before throwing in the towel. 1. Contact the Professor The first thing that you always want to […]

Celebrities agree: It helps to have a Degree

As you decide whether or not to attend college, it can be tempting to take a different path and try to become famous. While celebrity status may be in your future, it takes work and dedication to achieve those dreams. While it is often misunderstood that one can become famous without attending college, many celebrities […]

How to Professionally Email Your Professor

Professors are a key source to excelling at your college career. They offer a wealth of information and advice within your discipline. While professors may often seem superior, they are respectable people who want to help their students. When communicating with your professor, be sure to be as professional as possible. Emailing is particularly popular […]

How to Enjoy a Class the You Hate

In college, not every class is going to be your favorite. Almost every student can name the class that was utmost unbearable during their college days. It’s the first week of the semester. As you sit in your 300 level Spanish class or your introductory to music class, you realize this is the class that […]

Get a Jump Start on Finding Your Niche on Campus

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted and have enrolled at the college of your choice. Now you have about 3 and a half months to stress about things like “Will I make friends?”, “What if I can’t find my classes”, “Will all of my clothes fit into my dorm closet?”, “Does the dining hall food suck?”. College […]

Seasonal Depression and the College Student

As the cool fall breeze turns into bitter chilliness, many people hibernate for the winter. This hibernation can cause serious emotional pain and depression. For many college students, it is easy to turn your little dorm room into a cave and never leave. Particularly during the winter months, a dorm room style cave is an […]