Undecided? Follow These Tips to Make a Decision

peacefully studying studentEvery prospective college student hates the dreaded question of “what is your major?” From the time you start thinking about college to years into your career, people will ask you what you majored in during college. It can be frustrating if you are unsure of your decision as you embark on your college career. From the grumpy old uncle at your family reunions to every other participant at freshman orientation, everyone wants to know what you plan on studying. The last thing you want to do is say you do not know or that horrible answer of “undecided.” Your major will shape your journey in college and benefit you by meeting students with common interests in class, graduating on time, and starting internships in your field. In order to discover a major that fits you best, it is important to use past experiences, do your research, and put yourself first.

Consider past experiences

High school is a time to participate in clubs and organizations to determine what you want to do as a career. If you enjoy your history or social studies classes, consider political science or history as a major. If you liked performing in the school musicals and choruses, think about pursuing a degree in drama or theater. If you wrote for the school newspaper or participated in the television studio, consider a degree in communications. Volunteer opportunities in the community can also help you make a decision. If you volunteer at a library or summer camp with younger children, think about pursuing a degree in elementary education. If you help out at a local nursing home or at a youth group, consider a degree in social work. While deciding your major, look to past experiences in high school and the community to encourage your decision.

Research different majors

The best way to discover if a school and a major is a right fit for you is to do your homework. Visit the campus of the college you wish to attend. Talk a tour to see where you would be studying. While you are there, talk to an adviser or professor about their program. If you see a student walking around campus, talk to them and get an honest opinion of their experience at the school. School websites are also valuable resources to see which majors and programs a school offers. Many online message boards are available to provide you tips and true opinions about different schools. It is important to follow-up and complete your homework to determine your major is. The more information available to you, the easier your decision process will be.

Do what fits you

Pressure can often build up when deciding a major. Your parents, teachers, coaches, and friends all have opinions on what you should do. While it is important to listen to them and gain their perspective, remember you are going to college for yourself. It is okay to not follow in your father’s college and carer footsteps. It is also okay not to go to the same school as your best friend from high school. You have to do what fits your needs and aspirations best. College is a big investment in time and finances; it is vital to be happy with your decision and do what you want to do.

College is an exciting and new time for every student. Having a plan and motive is helpful for you to succeed. In order to choose a major, consider your past experiences, do your homework on the school, and do what fits you.

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