Top Ten Reasons to go to College

graduation student and groupWith rising costs in tuition and a decreasing economy, individuals are reconsidering the benefits of a college degree. Whether the reason is financially, academically, personally, socially, intellectually, or physically, there are many factors that could setback going to college. However, many people see through these downfalls and appreciate the benefits of a college degree.

1. Build friendships

From your freshman roommate to the girl who sits next to you in literature class, you will build irreplaceable friendships. Many people meet their best friends in college. These friendships will impact your life and help you to grow into an adult.

2. Make more money

Research shows that people with a bachelor’s degree make 84% more money over a lifetime than high school graduates. After college, you will have a better income than if you decided not to go to college.

3. Gain Independence

College is full of opportunities to make your own decisions. Since you will no longer be living under your parents’ supervision, you can decide when to do your laundry or what to eat for dinner. You will also learn how to budget your finances and manage your time.

4. Build Common Sense

Even outside the classroom, on a day-to-day basis, you will learn. From learning how to read a lease for your apartment to learning how to parallel park on the side street off campus, you will build lifelong skills. You will learn how to interact with others and how to become a professional in the real world.

5. Build financial responsibility

College is expensive. After all the tuition bills are paid and textbooks are bought, your bank account may be weak. You will learn how to save your pennies and still enjoy going out on the weekends.

6. Educate yourself

After all, you attend college to be a more educated individual of society. Embrace that. The more you dedicate yourself to your studies and learn; the more successful and knowledgeable you will be after college.

7. Market yourself

Your resume will be more distinct with a college education. You may have more opportunities available to you. The more involved you are with organizations in college, the more experience you will gain to use in the real world.

8. Future Opportunities

In college, you will meet multiple individuals to help you network and meet professionals in the working world. These individuals will help you land future jobs and experiences.

9. New beginning

College is full of new beginnings. It is a chance to leave your high school life behind and start over. You will start fresh as your mature into adulthood. Many people say they become the person they were truly meant to be while in college.

10. New experiences

College is full of first- time experiences. From your first final exam to your first college party, you will be embraced with many new experiences. You will learn from these experiences to see what you like and dislike. You will have the opportunity to grow and mature as you witness these moments.

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