Top 10 Interview Skills to Impress

Boys and girls sitting together with notesCongratulations, you have landed an interview with a potential employer. Your foot is in the door but you must complete the interview process. Characteristics of interviews vary from job to job. Following the simple tips below can help you land the job and start the next chapter of your life.

1. Dress appropriately

Depending on the interview, dress accordingly. Always dress neat and conservatively. Avoid wearing jeans, trendy clothes, or clothes that make a statement. Make yourself presentable. Hide any tattoos and piercings, and shave the mohawk off your head. Present yourself with pride and respect.

2. Be punctual

Never show up to an interview late. Try to arrive ten to fifteen minutes early; but, do not show up too early as it can be annoying to the potential employer and take up waiting room space. Get directions to the job site and know where you are going. Plan ahead for traffic or other delays. Being on time is a key characteristic for the potential employer to see.

3. Greet with respect

A firm handshake and maintaining eye-contact shows confidence and respect. Remain standing until the employer offers you a seat.  Be sure to state your name and thank the potential employer for meeting with you. A welcoming and friendly composure will be beneficial to the interview.

4. Know your resume

You are the only person who knows your past community involvement and work experience. Be firm and educated in what your resume says. Be proud of the work you have accomplished before. Do not embarrass yourself by not knowing your resume inside and out.

5. Know the company

Do research before your even accept the interview to know what kind of company you are interviewing at. When asked particular questions, try to relate your experiences to the company’s mission statement and ideas.

6. Never lie

During an interview, it is easy to tell white lies to look good. Avoid lying at all cost. Being open and honest will be a favored, mature response to the employer. If you have limited availability to work, tell the potential employer. If your resume suggests or implies something that is not one-hundred percent true, make sure your potential employer knows that. Being honest and up-front will be favored to your employer.

7. Ask questions

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Ask questions on anything; including: pay scale, dress code, and  job responsibilities. Many employers welcome questions and can tell them your work ethic and job expectations. Keep the questions reasonable. Never leave an interview with more questions. You should know all information before accepting the position. It is best to ask them early and educate yourself.

8. Conclude with respect

When leaving the interview, thank the potential employer again and shake their hand. Smile politely and maintain eye contact as you leave. Be sure the potential employer has your correct telephone number and email address in order for them to contact you about the position.

It is important to be prepared and ready for your interview. Each interview deserves your absolute best. Interviews can be great opportunities to get a job and start the next chapter of your life.


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