The Major Identities on the College Campus

There is a unique pecking order that appears on college campuses, that of Major Identities. Stepping into a crowded study room or the cafeteria, these groups will surround you. The table of theater kids laughing at obscure inside jokes, a group of jocks doing who knows what with their food and the slightly odd group always singing. Granted every school will differ depending on the programs offered, but every college student will identify with their Major and allow that to define their college experience. This phenomenon is certainly unique to the college experience. (This is not an exhaustive list, fragmented groups often occur as well).

Humanities and Performing Arts

Professional writing, literature, history, religion, education and philosophy are all under the banner of humanities. Often mixed in are the performing arts kids including theater and music. While all of these majors will have their own set of attributes, they all intermix in classes and social activities often. Conversations will include intellectual or philosophical ideas from current or passed classes. None of them will be able to view life without analyzing it within the context of an abstract theory such as post-colonialism or feminism. Then mix in the random theater kids, and the conversations will swing wildly between movies, plays, music and literature. This group is never boring, but can be confusing because of the intellectual blinders that could be present.

Specialized Science and Math

Here we have the braniacs or nerds. Included majors are math, engineering, and biology, chemistry, premedical and nursing. This list is not exhaustive of course. Some of these students would rather be figuring out complicated math problems than participating in social events. The angle of a curtain balanced on window rods will send into college-classmathematical pontification and anyone not in their differential equations class will be lost. Then the science nerds will have the entire periodic table memorized. Perhaps they will regal each other in medical terms and make jokes involving words that just do not sound like words anymore. These specialized fields do not often mix because of their workloads and their extra-curriculars are next to zero because they do not even have time to sleep.

Business and Sport

Unfortunately, these two majors are considered less serious but they will do just fine after college if they do not party too much. Business majors and any type of Sports, whether it’s education, management or recreational, they will have more time for extra curriculars than the aforementioned groups. They will probably mix better in with other majors because their classes are not as highly specialized.

Perhaps the most asked question during college introductions is “what’s your major”. This classification by major helps cement these identities throughout the college years. Roommates will be chosen, friends traded and even relationships based on the major selected. Getting comfortable in these groups is important but branching out can diversify the college experience. Try to meet as many new people as possible before spending all your time in environment. This is college; life after this will never be the same.

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