Ten Tips to Stay On Top of Studying

College Student Using CatalogueStudying is one of the most important aspects of college. It will help you succeed in your classes and lectures. Studying can often be a burden to make time for. Follow the following ten steps to stay focused and keep your studying habits in-tact.

1. Start studying as soon as possible. If the textbook is available before the semester begins, purchase it and become familiar with the subject. The more you know going into the semester, the greater understanding you will have.

2. Do not fall behind. It is easy to get distracted and off-tract with studying. Keep your priorities in line, with studying at the top of the list.

3. Find a place to study. Pick a favorite place on campus to study. It may be a quiet cubicle in the library or an empty classroom in the basement of a building. Wherever it is, be sure you have all the supplies you need with as little distractions as possible.

4. Make the time. The typical rule of thumb is for every one hour of class time, spend three hours studying. Of course, that differs depending on the class. However, use a guideline to spend the time you need to achieve success.

5. Study the hardest subject first. You will have a favorite class and a least favorite class, which is probably the hardest class to tackle. Study it first and get it out of the way. Do not tire yourself out studying for other topics and leaving the hardest topic to the end. The hardest subject should be addressed first and foremost.

6. Schedule Breaks. It is important to keep the mind clear and focused. Take a break to walk around campus and get a breath of fresh air. Do not start another task or worry about something else. Think about nothing at all and appreciate the fresh air for a few minutes.

7. Stay hydrated. Keep a bottle of water nearby to stay hydrated. Hydration will keep your brain fresh and will allow you to study longer.

8. Use your resources. You are not alone in the game of college. Talk to your professor if you are having difficulty with a subject. Go to the library for additional resources or for past resources from the class you are in. Find other students who successfully passed the class and ask them for their words of advice.

9. Find a friend. Classmates will also be studying and working on class projects. Meet with them to discuss the class. Work together to greater understand the class material and not be lost in the studying class. Studying with others can often become a social event; be sure to stay on topic and concentrated.

10. Treat yourself well. While studying is a top priority in college, so is your health. Be sure to take good care of your body in order to stay motivated. Get a good night’s rest every night, eat healthy, and be happy with yourself. If anything is getting in the way of personal happiness, address it and seek help in order to keep a clear mind and continue studying.

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