Survive the dorm room bathroom

boys in college dorm bathroomPersonal hygiene is a must in college. From sweating in gym class to your daily hygiene needs, you will have to use the bathroom in your dorm.

Chances are you will be sharing the bathroom with others in your dorm. And, chances are they might not have the same level of hygiene that you do.

In order to reduce the spread of germs, use the following ten items to limit your time and chances of catching germs in the dorm bathroom.

Shower shoes- Bare feet and dorm showers do not mix. Bring a pair of flip flops or water shoes to guard you from any bacteria and viruses that are living on the bathroom floor. Meningitis, HPV, athlete’s foot, staph infections, and strep infections are all common viruses found on the floors of college dorm rooms. You will want to avoid these diseases at all costs.

Air fresheners- Odor-eliminating spray is a gift to college bathrooms. An air freshener of any kind will help to eliminate odors and keep the bathroom smelling clean.

Toiletry tote- A toiletry tote can help you easily carry your bathroom necessities from your room to the bathroom. It is important to have a tote with holes in the bottom so that water does not build up inside the tote and become moldy. A toiletry tote is a great, easy way to carry all your supplies.

Paper towels- Since many college dorm rooms do not come with paper towels, it is ideal to bring your own. You will not have to wipe your hands on a stranger’s towel, or have other people wipe their hands on your towel. Paper towels also come in handy when opening the bathroom door in order to reduce the spread of germs from the door handle.

girls in college dorm bathroomSoap- The soap in the dorm bathroom may not be the kind you are use to or that works for you. Bring your own to wash your hands and protect yourself from germs.

Own shampoos- While it is fun to try others shampoos, bring your own. Take it with you when you leave the shower to prevent others from using it.

Toilet seat covers- Like any public bathroom, you have no idea what germs and bacteria are on the toilet seat. Bring toilet seat covers or use a few layers of toilet paper to protect the seat.

Occupied sign- If the bathroom door has a loose lock, make your own occupied sign to hang on the outside of the door. That way, others will not be wandering in when you are using the facilities.

First aid kit- In case of an emergency, a first aid kit can come in handy to fix minor scraps and bruises.

Extra toilet paper- You never know when you are going to run out and need more. Toilet paper is a necessity to all bathrooms, especially in a college dorm.

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