Seven Ways To Be A Creeper

Young College Students - Study groupThe world of dating in college can be super fun and exciting. However, there are individuals who make it super uncomfortable. College students unanimously call these individuals, creepers. Here are seven ways to avoid this title and hopefully land a date or two or three during the college years.

Get Her Number From Someone Else
Covertly obtaining her number from a friend or classmate is never a good idea. Even worse, do not jot down her number when she has left it for someone else, like your roommate. People like to protect their phone numbers as a matter of privacy. Invading that privacy will not endear you to her.

Use Corny Pick Up Lines
If she truly appreciates corny jokes this may work, but some pick up lines should never be said. Try not to insult her by using crude humor to gain her affection. Try asking genuine questions about her life or talk about something you both have in common.

Talk To Her Chest
Most girls appreciate eye contact during a conversation. Keep your eyes on her face and not her anatomy to keep her attention. However, just staring intently at her face may also creep her out. Genuinely listen to what she is saying and respond accordingly.

Spill To Fast
Try to keep the conversation in neutral territory. Using your recent bad break up or stomach flu as an icebreaker will scare her away. Do not spill personal information quickly. Keep the conversation light and fun. She should enjoy this conversation, not get grossed out. A fun conversation will most likely lead to a positive outcome

Scare Her
All of the above “donts” could potentially scare this girl. Therefore, do not scare her in general. Jumping out of a dark corner or trying to make her scream in fright is not ok unless you are employed at a Halloween themed establishment she is visiting. She needs to feel safe with you in order to go anywhere public or private.

Invade Her Space
The girl of your affections is beautiful and kind. She is perfect! You just want to wrap her in a hug and hold onto her forever while she melts in your arms. Do not do this. Keep a respectable distance from her and respect her personal space. A hug hello and goodbye is all right, but do not let it linger. If she pulls away, do the same. Invading her space will make her uncomfortable and she will try to avoid you in the future.

Come On Strong
Confidence is a key component to asking out a girl. However, coming on too strong will make her back away. You could be the coolest person in the room, it is your party and everyone adores you. But, if you act like an over confident jerk she will not want to date you. Always approach a girl with respect. Never insinuate that just because you think you are important she should date you.

Keeping these seven specifics in mind should keep you off the creeper list. College is a time of growth and learning. Allow your personality to bloom beyond high school insecurities and mistakes in order to catch her attention. If she is worth it, your efforts will not go unnoticed.

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