Sell Textbooks on Facebook!

Pretty Business WomanCollege students have a tool today that no other generation could even fathom: Facebook. The social network phenomenon created by college students for college students has become such an intricate part of college life. Clubs connect; students meet and trade information all on face book. Why not textbooks? This website offers two ways for buying and selling textbooks. Some students advertise on their own through status updates, event invites or mass messages. Then there are applications and groups specifically geared towards selling textbooks. Both are effective while some may be safer then others. Do some homework and figure out which way will work best for you.

Self Advertise

The most popular way to sell anything on Facebook involves a status update. Posting a shout-out to friends and family about a book for sale does work. However, more effective ways are present. Find your college’s Facebook page and advertise there. Start a page for your little enterprise or even a mass message. Just be sure to keep things honest and save. Do not agree to meet people at night, alone or away from populated areas. Keep in mind the price you want but also be flexible. Perhaps if someone buys more then one book, discount an item for him or her. Think about how you would buy the textbook and market it that way. After all, you are the demographic.

Applications and Groups

Many business use Facebook as a web presence. Some develop applications accessible to Facebook users without leaving the Facebook site. Searching “sell textbooks” or “book buy back” will turn up many of these pages. Alternatively, groups are also created for textbook sharing. These groups are often major or subject specific. The people involved advertise books exclusively within the group to insure optimized viewer attention. This type of textbook advertisement protects sensitive information for the sellers and buyers. Profiles keep privacy and only certain information shared.
The other advantage to groups is categorical. A group specifically designed around biology or literature will make searching for a certain book easier.

The ultimate advantage to Facebook comes from its affinity towards individuality. Textbooks are sold and bought through individual decisions instead of corporate ones. The money is kept within a student body and often within in friendship or community circles. The hassle of the bookstore buyback could fade into the past if more people choose the Facebook option.

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