Quitting In College

asleep at work / schoolFinishing college looks completely different for everyone. Majors, classes, friends, internships, clubs, sports, dorms…all of that and more shapes the college experience. Entering college with a ‘can-do’ attitude is a good place to start. However, it is also important to know when to cut your losses and just get out of a situation. Quitting a class, job or social aspects while in college is just like any other time in life. A person needs to be healthy in all aspects of life to be truly successful.

The point of classes in college is to teach you something. Beyond that, earning the right GPA is all-important. Some students use their GPA to determine their worth in the world; this is an extreme to be avoided. There are a few ways to protect a good GPA from plummeting. Dropping a class, instead of failing, will actually be more beneficial to your GPA. Receiving a W (withdrawal) on your transcript has no weight on your GPA. Thus the F, which almost appeared, does not drag it down. Any number of reasons can lead to a withdrawal. Some students bite off more then they can chew and need to drop something to survive. Sometimes the class is above the level of the student and should be taken later. Carefully balance your schedule so that you do not become overwhelmed.

Holding a job throughout college has almost become a necessity for modern college students. The trick is to balance a job, while still doing well in classes. Quitting any job can be stressful. Ideally, quitting a stressful job will relieve some of your stress. With less stress, the grades will come back up and your health will return. A job that interferes with your productivity as a student is not worth the money you are making. However, if you need to work in order to pay for school quitting may be impossible. Find another job or apply for more loans, being a student is more important.
The most important reasons to leave a job, beyond stress, are harassment and personal safety. No job is worth emotional or physical abuse.

Social Life
The most anticipated part of college may also be the most stressful. There are no parents cutting off visiting hours on school nights. Knowing when to say no to friends, clubs and sports is extremely important. When a friend or roommate becomes a distraction from classes, let them know and try to spend less time with them. Perhaps apply for a new roommate. Your education and health are more important then their hurt feelings. Always try to be gracious and kind in your explanation and if they truly care about you, they will understand. Likewise with campus organizations. Do not give all your time to a club or sport just to beef up your resume. If water polo is cutting into studying, quit. If the knitting club has become more of a hassle then a relaxing time with friends, quit. No one, who truly cares about you, will blame you.

Your health and education are the most important part of a college experience. Do not let anyone compromise those things and if quitting is the best way, do it. Never let anyone call you a loser or a quitter when you know that what you did was for the best. Your true friends and supporters will understand.

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