Pet Peeves: Professors have them too

Concentrate on the Solution!Professors are the nucleus of every department. They report to the department deans and administrators. They tell them how the students feel and their feedback. Professors write syllabi and course textbooks. They help students become educated young adults as the students enter the working world.

Professors rely on the students to give them feedback. They strive for a classroom where students actively learn, participate, and demonstrate their knowledge of course material. In order to achieve this success, professors need ideal student behavior and active class participation.

Below is a list of ten things that professors expect from their students. Failing to do them causes irate teachers.

1. Show up to class. If you do not show up, your professors cannot teach you. The same goes for showing up on time. Be on time, alert, and attentive to fully understand all course material.

2. Be prepared. Complete all homework and assigned readings. This will encourage positive dialogues and class discussions. Read ahead to know what to expect in the class.

3. Leave the cell phone at home. Cell phones are a distraction to you, your classmates, and your professor. If your cell phone rings during class time, the professor has every right to kick you out of the room.

4. Read your syllabus. Syllabi are full of class information, schedules, and expectations. Do not waste your time by asking questions that are clearly stated in the syllabus. Plan ahead by referencing your syllabus to know when tests or assignments are scheduled.

5. Ask smart questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question when it is on topic. Do not ask questions that are irrelevant or that will waste time.Smart questions can help others in the class understand the same thing as you.

6. Take responsibility. It is your education; be proud of what you accomplish. Take in every moment of the experience and better yourself for the real world.If you need help, ask for it. Do not wait until the last minute to comprehend the course material.

7. Stay until the class is over. Professors hate when students start packing up ten minutes before the class is over. The shuffling papers and putting books away distract other learners and take time away from the professors.

8. Sit in the front. Many professors claim that students who sit in the front of the room are more engaged in the discussion and do better on tests. You will be less distracted and more focused on the course material.

9. You don’t deserve a break. Many students think that they are better than the rest and deserve to be treated above others. News flash: everyone is treated equally and on the same playing field. Even if you are stressed out with other classes or life situations, you still need to focus and give the class the attention it deserves.

10. Be honest. Honesty is always the best policy. If you forget to do an assignment, admit it. If you need help understanding something, admit it. Excuses are only problems and solve nothing. Tell the truth and work with the professor to create a better learning environment.

College is a great time to build relationships with friends, classmates, and professors. Professors are excellent resources to help you build a better future. Treat your professors with respect by respecting their classroom rules and expectations.

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