Paying to Study Abroad

Many students pass up the wonderful opportunity to study abroad because they believe that they don’t have the money. This is very unfortunate, however, as studying abroad doesn’t have to be the financial burden that many students believe it to be.

If you want to study abroad but are afraid of spending the money, consider the following: First of all, studying abroad is usually not much more expensive than tuition at an average American college. You’re probably already taking out student loans to pay tuition at your school, so why not use the loans to finance a semester abroad instead?

Also, many schools offer tuition (and credit) exchanges through certain study abroad programs, and these tuition exchanges really couldn’t be simpler! Through these programs, you pay the exact same amount you’d normally pay to your regular college (including all grants and scholarships), and then your school uses that money to take care of paying the school you’ll be attending in the foreign country.

Finally, most schools, many study abroad programs, and even the government offer scholarships of various sizes to qualified students looking to study abroad. And somebody has to claim the money, so why not you?

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