How to Survive Moving Back Home

College StudentsYou will never forget your graduation day. The day will be filled with love and support from your roommates, friends, professors, family, and mom and dad. Mom and dad, also known as your new roommates. You will also never forget the day you have to pack your new diploma and bedding into your mom’s minivan and move back home. Those tears of happiness from the graduation ceremony will turn into tears of horror. While it may seem like the end of the world, moving back home can be livable. Follow the five tips below to have a successful living arrangement with mom and dad after graduation.

1. Open communication

In college, you took your ability to come and go as you pleased for granted. Now, you have to leave notes and often explain your every move to your parents. While it can be annoying and frustrating, do not give your parents a hard time. Cooperate with them and they will cooperate with you. If you have a potential job or interview, tell your parents about it. Make them proud and update them on your progress. Build your relationship with them and your experience at home will be more tolerable.

2. Take advantage of home life

Living at home does have its perks. Say goodbye to greasy cafeteria food and say hello to mom’s home-cooked meals. Enjoy the lasagnes and baked goods, even if it does more damage than the “freshman fifteen” did. Laundry is also a benefit of moving back home. You will no longer have to collect your quarters to wash your clothes or spend all day in the laundromat  watching your clothes spin around so no one steals them. Enjoy your own bedroom and life without a roommate. While your freedom may be decreased, home life carries its benefits.

3. Think about your exit plan

Always remember that living at home is not permanent. You will find a job, you will move out, and you will have your freedom back. Try to plan your future the best you can. While it may be difficult, keep applying to jobs or schools and keep your options for the future open.

4. Keep your space

While your mom may have plans to be your new best friend and spend every waking moment with her new college graduate, it is okay to tell her you need alone time. Do not let your parents expect you to be at every family dinner. Reconnect with friends back home or go out on your own for a little bit. Grab a cup of coffee or just walk around the neighborhood to clear your mind and get some fresh air. Life following graduation can be incredibly stressful; be sure to give yourself time to take it all in and appreciate your own space.

5. Appreciate your family

You can never get rid of your family. They will always support and love you unconditionally. Appreciate this admiration during your time at home. Help your parents out by completing household chores. Let them be your friends and see the mature young adult you have become. It can be a rewarding experience and remind you to always appreciate your family.

Moving back home after college can be stressful. Remember to be open-minded and keep all your options open. Appreciate your time and resources available at home. It will be different from college living, but it can be a whole new experience to welcome with open arms.

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