How to Enjoy a Class the You Hate

How to learn it?In college, not every class is going to be your favorite. Almost every student can name the class that was utmost unbearable during their college days.

It’s the first week of the semester. As you sit in your 300 level Spanish class or your introductory to music class, you realize this is the class that will bring you down for the semester. You want to run away and ditch the class. However, it is a requirement for graduation. You do not know what to do or where to turn to.

Do not panic. You have options to making the semester bearable and still surviving the required class.

If it is still the drop/add period of the semester, talk to an academic advisor about your struggle and bad feeling about the class. Your academic advisor can recommend other classes to take that will fulfill the requirement. They can also network you to talk to other students who have survived the class, or to meet with an on-campus tutor to help.

You can also postpone the class to another semester. It may be offered at a better time, with a different professor, or when it fits into your schedule better. A bad class could lower your GPA, take it at another time when you can focus on it and not harm your credentials.

Always attend class. Always be engaged in the lesson and participate. Ask questions and set goals to understand the class. Manage your time and know what to expect for the entire semester. When you set clear, achievable goals, you will be more likely to reach them.
Talk to the professor. Always remember that professors are there to help you. They want you to succeed and do well. Discuss your personal concerns and how to overcome any foreseeable obstacles with the class. The professor will appreciate you taking the time to voice your concern and they may adjust the class to benefit you and the other students.

Start a study group with other students in the class. By meeting with one another for dinner or while studying in the library, you can vent to one another the likes and dislike of the class. You can discuss how to succeed in the class or navigate through the textbook together. As an extra bonus, you will make friends and build relationships out of a not- so- great situation.

Remember that classes are meant to be challenging. College is a learning experience and you should be engaging yourself in new learning environments. Take the class as an opportunity to learn and achieve your degree.

Always look on the bright side. Even if the class seems awful from the start, give it your all. Do your best to work to achieve as much as possible from the class. The class will help you achieve your degree and will help better you for the working world.

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