Helping With the Hassles of Off-Campus Housing

Three college students leaning on banisterOff-campus housing can be a tricky situation, especially as a freshman. This is the first time you’ve ever been on your own, which is a liberating feeling. But you do have adult-like decisions looming in the near future like finding an apartment.

Most colleges and universities only have enough on-campus housing for first year students, which means once you move out of your dorm room you’re never moving back.

Apartment hunting can be oh so exciting but exceedingly stressful as well. Normally, you have to find housing for the next year during your first semester.

It can seem so rushed and add pressure but the earlier you start looking the better place you can receive for the best price.

First Things First

Before you even start looking at housing, you need to figure out who exactly you’re going to live with next year. I know I know it’s so quick how do you know if you’re still going to be friends with them in two weeks let alone next year?

Start with your roommate. If you two get along then make plans to live with each other again. Deep down you’ll know who is right to live, so use your best sense of judgment.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

Once it hits October of your first semester, your college will start advertising an off-campus housing seminar. Clear your plans for that night and go! Your college wants to help you as much as they possibly can, so take advantage of what they’re offering you.

At the seminar, there will be multiple landlords show casing their apartments and homes. You get to see all the different types of housing, the range of prices, the locations, and you’ll even be able to make follow up appointments.

Jot down some of the landlords and housing that really impressed you or piqued your interest.

Then with your future roomies decide on what days and times are best to go apartment hunting.

Stay On the Same Page

Also, make sure you and your roommates are on all the same page when it comes to what you’re looking for in an apartment. Do you all want your own bedroom or, you don’t mind sharing a room again as long as you have two full bathrooms? It’s very important, for you as a group, to set a budget in a reasonable price range.

It’s vital to have an idea of what you want before you head out.

Be Open Minded

Call the landlords that you were interested in and make appointments to see the apartments. If you go to the first one and love, don’t settle right away.

You never know what else is out there and it could be even better than the first place. So, go and look at all the apartments.

After a long couple of days of learning the ins-and-outs of apartments, sit down together and go over the pros and cons of each place. Making a list helps you clearly visualize each place.

If you’re having a hard time deciding, it doesn’t hurt to give your parents a call. They’ll be more than willing to give their input, especially if they’re going to be the ones footing the bill.

Once you decide, all that’s left to do is sign the lease and hand over your down payment. Now, you’ve got a place to call your own next year! Happy Hunting!

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