Get to Know Your Professors

Adult Ed - QuestionsWith rigorous class schedules and detailed syllabi, professors can often be hard to reach and intimidating. Do not be afraid of your professors. Build a strong relationship with your professors as they are full of knowledge and experience in the field you are about to enter. Professors can be your best allies in college as they can assist you with your course work, be a valuable support system, and supply networking connections.

Understanding coursework

Coursework can be challenging for many college students. Everyone has questions or needs advice on their work. Instead of asking fellow students what they think may be right, go directly to you professor. The professor will have the specific answer and will appreciate your enthusiasm to understand the class material. Professors genuinely want to help a student succeed. Communication is key in order to obtain information and answer questions about a class. The more information you seek in order to understand the course material, the more the teacher will see how interested and motivated you are to take the class. Showing you care about the class will put you ahead of other students and allow you to succeed. It is important to understand all coursework and an important way to do that is to communicate with your professor.  Building a strong, positive relationship with your professor will allow you to succeed in the classroom.

Building a support system

Leaving the safety of your home and living on your own can be a challenging experience. Professors can be a strong adult figure and guide in your college career. With years of experience and wisdom, professors can offer guidance and support. From feeling homesick to passing midterm exams, professors can encourage you and help you stay motivated. They can also recommend classes and course work to fit the needs of your schedule in the upcoming semester. By building a strong support system with your professors, their guidance and advice  can help you succeed in college.

Networking connections

Professors have exponential resources into the working world. Professors know past students, colleagues, friends, fellow teachers, and employees that may be already working in the field you plan on going into.  These connections can help you find a prospective internship or a job. Your professors may be able to reach out to individuals and set up a meeting between you and the individual in the field you plan on going into. Many internships, jobs, and graduate school applications require letters of recommendation. A strong, positive letter of recommendation from a respectable professor can add value and wealth to your application. It is vital to know your professors well in order for them to write a letter that demonstrates your positive work ethic and success. Professors are a great source to network with others and build your resume for the future.

Professors are one of the most valuable resources you will find during your college career. It is important to build a strong, positive relationship with your professor. They can bring a wealth of beneficial information to your college career and your future.

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