Don’t Let Time Management in College Go By The Wayside

Analysing the SampleGoing off to school as a college freshman can become overwhelming in more than one way. It’s so much different being away at school than at home and attending high school.

As a college student you have that new-found, infamous freedom that your friends do nothing but rave about; meanwhile your parents do nothing but pray that you don’t stray too far.

You have the liberty to come and go as you please with no one really telling you what to do. It’s super easy to get caught up in all the hype that you lose sight of your priorities.

It’s a lot to take in between making new friends, finding your way around campus, and getting used to the dining hall food. You’ll end up being so busy that you might forget about your friend: time management.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to hang out with friends and have a good time but always make sure you put school work first. Here are some ways to help balance your work load and hang out sessions.

Remember: No Work, No Play.

Seize every day! Try and get yourself into a set schedule or routine. When you have a routine it truly saves so much time. You don’t realize how much time you waste when you’re not organized with a game plan.

I know, it’s wonderful to be able to sleep in when you don’t have your first class until 2 pm but you’re wasting valuable time. So, instead set your alarm for 9 am or even 10 am and get your day started.

Now, you have at least 4 extra hours that you would have lost before. You can get a few homework assignments out of the way or write half of a paper. You could even get in a rejuvenating, morning work out!

The more work you get out of the way earlier, then the more time you have to enjoy your weekend. Come Sunday night, you’re not going to feel like studying anthropology or writing about hydraulic fracturing.

Studying is without a doubt the most dreaded activity college students have to partake in. It’s important to remember to schedule breaks, so you’re brain doesn’t go into overload and fizz out.

Not to mention, if you spend 15-20 minutes each day after class going over the notes you just took, you will be ahead of the game. When it’s the night before the exam, you won’t have to cram for 8 hours because you already studied the material!

When you have down time in-between classes, don’t go back to your dorm and take a nap. Stay on campus and go to either, the library or a nearby computer lab to get some homework or reading out of the way.

Most importantly, if you ever start to feel down or like you just can’t handle the work, think again! Tell yourself that you were accepted to this university because you’re an intelligent and capable human being. You truly can do it, so always stay confident and believe in yourself!

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