Dating On A College Budget

Three college students leaning on banisterTaking someone special out during college can often break the monthly budget. Keep the fancy dinners to a minimum, like special occasions. Steaks by candle light every Saturday night will quickly leave a student broke.

Coffee Date
First dates and low-key outings can be a tricky thing to pull off. Impressing a potential significant other can be done with something as simple as coffee. After talking with this person for a little bit, ask them to meet you for coffee or tea. Coffee shops can say a lot about a person. Visiting Starbucks or another big chain will set a trendy atmosphere. Finding a local shop could facilitate a community atmosphere, these places also sell art or books and that could spark conversation. Regardless the coffee date choice, bring along a couple of dollars and enjoy good food, drink and company.

Local Entertainment
The town your college inhabits is an exciting place. Taking a date to a new place is an adventure. A comedy night where locals make you both laugh or a dancing club where you both learn a new step or two are both wonderful ideas. Perhaps your date really likes art, museums foster conversation while spending time learning about one another. If you are both over 21 go on a local wine or beer tour, perhaps a themed pub crawl. Just be responsible and make sure the planned outing is interesting for your date.

Campus Events
Some dates do not even have to leave campus. All colleges have an on campus organization that schedules events for the students, often free of charge. These could be free movies, bingo nights, twister marathons and local bands playing in an on campus café. Again, learn what interests your date and plan accordingly.

Dining In
Once the first couple of dates go well, try staying in together. Dinner and a movie is just as fun in a dorm or apartment. Either rent a movie or watch an oldie you both like. Making dinner for your date can be super easy with the internet to help. Or order a pizza and take it low key. The important thing is to make your date comfortable. Offer seating other then your bed and do not expect them to stay the night. When the movie is over and the food all eaten, offer to walk her back to her dorm. This gesture will show you care and maybe give you the chance for a moonlit kiss.

Take a Walk
Many couples bond over just talking together. Walking around campus brings up memories or funny stories of friends and classmates. As long as the conversation is interesting, this date is going well. Perhaps taking your date to a local park or hiking trail would offer the right atmosphere, just be sure to make them comfortable with the situation. A walk in the mall or other more public venue may be a good idea right off the bat.
All of these ideas cost little to no money and they facilitate the right environment for communication. Fancy dates and outings will come with age, for now it is important to just learn about that person. Figure out what makes them laugh and let them discover you as well. Money does not need to be a factor for romance to bloom.

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