Community College Benefits Many

Analysing the SampleThere are many factors that determine what college someone attends. Factors such as distance from home, tuition, size, convenience, and scheduling affect many prospective college students. Many students starting out in college attend community college to build a solid foundation to their education, complete basic requirements, and decide what they want to study. Community college is a wonderful opportunity to be a stepping stone to further a student’s education or to graduate with a quality degree. Community college is a great option to receive a quality education. Community colleges offer many benefits including reduced cost, convenience and size, and ability to transfer credits.

Reduced cost

Community college offers a quality education for significantly less than other public schools in the state. In order to be accredited, community colleges pass the same tests as other state universities and colleges. Many community colleges do not offer housing; students save money by living at home and not having to pay room and board costs. Public transportation is typically available to get to and from class; which saves on car and gas costs. Credits at community college cost significantly less than other public or private schools. Community college welcomes similar academic success at a fraction of the cost.

Convenience and size

Many community colleges are in cities or in bigger towns. Community college offers classes that adapt to your schedule. The schedule works for those already employed, stay-at-home parents, and part-time students. Community college offers a unique opportunity for those students who do not fit the typical college atmosphere. Many community colleges offer classes online which can be completed at home and without having to follow a strict class schedule. Classes at community colleges are typically small and have limited enrollment. Students receive a lot of one-on-one attention from their professors and instructors. Many community colleges offer networking connections with the local community that provides for internships and outreach programs.

Transfer credits

Many students debate which school to go to and what to study. Community colleges are great stepping stones for many other colleges and universities. The majority of colleges and universities accept transfer credits from community college. This allows students to take required classes at a community college and build the foundation of their college career. This process saves the student money and provides a transitional pathway to surviving on their own at another college or university. With the ability to transfer credits, students have the opportunity to define their major and be explore different fields. Community college can also help boost a student’s grade point average. With the smaller classes and one-on-one attention from professors, students have the opportunity to build their grade point averages and become serious about their education. The ability to transfer credits from community college to other universities and colleges proves successful for students looking to attend community college as a stepping stone.

Community college offers many advantages to multiple students. Any type of student may attend community college and better their education. Community college is a great resource of education for students looking for a  reduced cost, convenience and size, and the ability to transfer credits.

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