Be Smart Buying Textbooks at the College Bookstore

Professors usually post required course material information a few weeks before classes begin (or maybe even during the first week of classes) and this leaves college students scrambling to get a textbook for the best price. If they find out the required textbook the first week of class, chances are they will need to purchase […]

Need a Textbook? Now There’s an App for That

In January 2012, Apple uncovered a momentous addition to the e-textbook industry: iBooks 2. This free app allows for reading interactive digital textbooks. Along with iBooks 2, Apple introduced iBooks Author, a software application that allows authors to easily create and publish digital textbooks on any Macintosh computers. Integration with iTunes U means that audio […]

The Woes of Textbook Sharing

The price of textbooks has been sharply increasing for years now. Students and teachers keep searching for cheaper alternatives. Some advice in the past involved the sharing of textbooks between students. While this may work for roommates or a short amount of time, this practice is mostly frowned upon. The probability of loss or damage […]

Sell Textbooks on Facebook!

College students have a tool today that no other generation could even fathom: Facebook. The social network phenomenon created by college students for college students has become such an intricate part of college life. Clubs connect; students meet and trade information all on face book. Why not textbooks? This website offers two ways for buying […]

Buy Textbooks By The Chapter

The lack of money marks the most common plight for college students. The education they pay for leaves very little room for extravagance. Textbooks are, unfortunately, a necessary extravagance. Most textbooks are upwards of 75$with a resale value of less then 50%. Some colorful language always spouts when a student realizes the 100$ textbook is […]

Should I Buy an e-Reader for College?

With roommates, classes, finances, and all the other potential sources of stress involved with college, textbooks are probably one of the last things on your mind. But for many students, the high cost and numerous choices surrounding college textbooks end up being a surprising source of woe. Forget spending a mere $100 on textbooks in […]

Major Book Buyback Websites

Many students are listing their textbooks on websites such as Amazon or Half in hopes of a buyer purchasing them. For popular textbooks, you may sell your copy in a few days. For other less popular textbooks, you may maintain the same inventory for months. While listing your textbooks on these websites is a great […]

How to Sell Your Used Textbooks

Listing your textbooks online is a great option for most students. However, it is hard to decide which website to use. You will want to look at the fine print when signing up. Different websites will impose different levels of fees, from membership to selling fees. Some websites may offer shipping cost assistance, while others […]