8 Inexpensive but Fun Date Ideas for This Fall

We all know that being a college student means you’re tight on money. Spending quality time with your significant other is what really matters. So, take a look at these cute and cozy date ideas. Jack-O’-Love Halloween is a thrilling time of the year. You and your significant other get the opportunity to dress up […]

Parents: Baby is off to college- now what?

For parents and students alike, college is an exciting and new experience. Parents pack the minivan, sign the tuition bill, and hope for the best for their child in their new environment. After meeting the roommate, making the child’s bed for the final time, and pushing the tears away; parents are left with an empty […]

If You’re Lonely, You’re Not Alone

Are you lonely? Yes, you. Are you lonely? Let’s be honest here. There’s no one to impress. This isn’t about how many Facebook friends you have or how many people follow you on Twitter. And it’s not about how many texts you get each day or hour, either. It has nothing to do with how […]

Seven Ways To Be A Creeper

The world of dating in college can be super fun and exciting. However, there are individuals who make it super uncomfortable. College students unanimously call these individuals, creepers. Here are seven ways to avoid this title and hopefully land a date or two or three during the college years. Get Her Number From Someone Else […]

How to Stay Safe at College Parties: Part 2

In part one of this article on how to stay safe at college parties, we discussed staying safe (sexually and otherwise), staying hydrated, and planning your nights out in advance. While you should never feel pressured to drink in college, if you do choose to do so, the tips below can help you stay safe: […]

How to Stay Safe at College Parties: Part 1

Whether you’re a drinker or not, chances are, you’ll probably end up at more than a few college parties during your time as a student. Alcohol consumption- whether underage or legal- is wildly popular on college campuses across the country, and many students say that college parties are an integral part of the social experience. […]