Easy Ways to Avoid the “Freshman 15”

Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you have to gain weight, and using common sense and the nutrition skills you already know can help you maintain a healthy body weight. For instance, make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. The dining hall is usually the easiest place to get food in college, […]

Where Is My Dinner? The College Student’s Search for Food

You are in college, so, unless you commute from home, your lunch no longer comes in a brown paper bag with mom’s handwriting on it and your dinner does not magically appear on a plate when you return home. You are now your only resource for food. Typically, you live in a dorm where there […]

Seasonal Depression and the College Student

As the cool fall breeze turns into bitter chilliness, many people hibernate for the winter. This hibernation can cause serious emotional pain and depression. For many college students, it is easy to turn your little dorm room into a cave and never leave. Particularly during the winter months, a dorm room style cave is an […]

A+ Foods for an A+ Exam

Studying can take a toll on the average student. From late night cramming to hours of memorization, it is easy to digress from healthy eating patterns while under pressure. It is important to eat properly before an exam. While studying, snack on these super foods to help keep your brain active and alert. Avocados- As […]

How to Maximize Your College’s Meal Plan

When you’re a freshman and you live on campus, it’s mandatory that you purchase a meal plan for both semesters. Meal plans can be thousands of dollars, so why not get everything that you can out of your meal plan? First of all, the reason your meal plan is so expensive is because of the […]

Use Your College Gym

Everyone has heard of the “freshman fifteen,” where new college students pack on so much weight that they are hard to recognize before the end of the first semester. To beat the extra pounds, check out your campus gym. Many colleges have state-of-the-art athletic centers that are open to the entire student body. While they […]