Thank the College Admissions Officers

Applying to college is over-whelming. From filling out common applications to sending transcripts every direction, it never seems to end. When all the applications are sent out and the weight is off your shoulders, you feel like the schools should be sending you thank you letters (and acceptance letters, too) just for taking the effort […]

Conversation Starters for College Freshmen

Starting college is scary enough, but when you add in the pressures of social life, the whole prospect of starting school could feel downright overwhelming. Making new friends in college isn’t all that hard, though, especially when you have some solid advice about where to start. While it’s important to always be completely yourself, the […]

Get a Jump Start on Finding Your Niche on Campus

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted and have enrolled at the college of your choice. Now you have about 3 and a half months to stress about things like “Will I make friends?”, “What if I can’t find my classes”, “Will all of my clothes fit into my dorm closet?”, “Does the dining hall food suck?”. College […]

3 Ways to Make Friends before College

As incoming freshman, every student feels just as nervous, excited, and even a little bit as leery as you feel too. College is a whole new world compared to your high school years. Besides preparing yourself for the real world, the best thing about college are the lifelong friendships and bonds you’re going to hold […]

3 Tips to Make it Through Your First Semester at College

Starting off at a brand new school with thousands of fresh, new faces can be overwhelming and super nerve-racking to say the least! But don’t worry, keep your head held high, take a deep breath, and just follow these tips! Tip #1: Meet as many people as possible. Outside of your dorm: A college campus […]

Top Ten Reasons to go to College

With rising costs in tuition and a decreasing economy, individuals are reconsidering the benefits of a college degree. Whether the reason is financially, academically, personally, socially, intellectually, or physically, there are many factors that could setback going to college. However, many people see through these downfalls and appreciate the benefits of a college degree. 1. […]

Navigate your College Library

Campus libraries are huge. On a college tour, they entice prospective students. I remember touring colleges and day-dreaming about the shelves and shelves of books. I could see myself incorporating so many references into term papers and spending endless hours perusing books. Months later, as a college freshman, the same library terrified me. I remember […]