Are You and Your Roommate Arguing Again?

“My classes are not so hard; I am just stressed because of my roommate again!” Some variation of this sentence is repeated on college campuses time and time again. Two peers living together will inevitably have disagreements. You only have a problem when those arguments begin to happen over and over again. Here are a […]

Survive the dorm room bathroom

Personal hygiene is a must in college. From sweating in gym class to your daily hygiene needs, you will have to use the bathroom in your dorm. Chances are you will be sharing the bathroom with others in your dorm. And, chances are they might not have the same level of hygiene that you do. […]

Sexiled: Don’t be a Victim

It’s Thursday night. While your friends are out celebrating Thirsty Thursday, you are stuck in the library. You have a Biology midterm first thing in the morning. You have just spent the past twelve hours buried in your textbooks and finally feel confident in the material. You are ready to ace the exam. You make […]