Ten Necessary Topics For New Roommate Discussion

First time freshman or learned senior, these issues must be spoken about within the first week of living with a new roommate. Communicating about these problems early on will pave the way for a less stressful semester. 1. Pet Peeves Everyone has something that will always annoy them. Whether it pertains to noises, actions or […]

Finding Cheap Stuff for Your College Dorm

So you’ve taken out your student loans, paid for tuition, bought a new laptop, and spent the rest on expensive textbooks. You’re all set for college now, right? Well, if you’re like most students and will be moving into a dorm, unfortunately, you still have a bit more shopping to do. Your dorm will probably […]

When Roommates Have Different Sleep Schedules

Nothing tears roommates apart quite like different sleep schedules. It doesn’t matter how strong your friendship is with your roommate, if they’re constantly waking you up or depriving you of sleep, you’re probably going to come to resent them for it. If you yourself are the sleep offender, it’s time to change your ways (or […]

Tips for Getting Along With Your Roommate

Although most colleges and universities go to great lengths to ensure that roommates are matched with like-minded individuals, it’s almost inevitable that conflict will arise between you and your roommate. Even if you and your roommate are good friends, emotions can run high when you’re forced to share such a small space with someone who […]

3 Things You Do Not Need In A Dorm

Living in a college dorm room is one of the most compact living situations you will encounter. Knowing the essentials and leaving behind the clutter is important. Having a neat area where your things are easily accessible but you still feel at home is important. This is your space and your roommates’ space. Respect that […]

Home Sweet Dorm Room . . . Or Not?

Even if you’ve moved around a bit throughout your growing-up years, you’ve probably lived with family the whole time. Even if you’ve experienced changing family dynamics, most of the people with whom you’ve shared a home have probably been family . . . for better, or for worse. You may argue and annoy each other […]

Are You and Your Roommate Arguing Again?

“My classes are not so hard; I am just stressed because of my roommate again!” Some variation of this sentence is repeated on college campuses time and time again. Two peers living together will inevitably have disagreements. You only have a problem when those arguments begin to happen over and over again. Here are a […]

Survive the dorm room bathroom

Personal hygiene is a must in college. From sweating in gym class to your daily hygiene needs, you will have to use the bathroom in your dorm. Chances are you will be sharing the bathroom with others in your dorm. And, chances are they might not have the same level of hygiene that you do. […]