How to Survive Moving Back Home

You will never forget your graduation day. The day will be filled with love and support from your roommates, friends, professors, family, and mom and dad. Mom and dad, also known as your new roommates. You will also never forget the day you have to pack your new diploma and bedding into your mom’s minivan […]

What Is A Non-Traditional Student?

College campuses are no longer populated with a singular part of American population. Increasing numbers of people are going back to school after military service, raising a family or high school mistakes. The years they took off from school and the experience they gained makes them a non-traditional student. This status is applied liberally to […]

The Major Identities on the College Campus

There is a unique pecking order that appears on college campuses, that of Major Identities. Stepping into a crowded study room or the cafeteria, these groups will surround you. The table of theater kids laughing at obscure inside jokes, a group of jocks doing who knows what with their food and the slightly odd group […]

To Commute or Not to Commute, That Is the Question

Most traditional students will not have to ask this question. Living on campus will be a no brainer for someone who travels far from home for the cutting edge program at the premier college. However, with the state of the current troubled economy, most students will not be able to just pick up and go […]

Helping With the Hassles of Off-Campus Housing

Off-campus housing can be a tricky situation, especially as a freshman. This is the first time you’ve ever been on your own, which is a liberating feeling. But you do have adult-like decisions looming in the near future like finding an apartment. Most colleges and universities only have enough on-campus housing for first year students, […]

Should I Buy an e-Reader for College?

With roommates, classes, finances, and all the other potential sources of stress involved with college, textbooks are probably one of the last things on your mind. But for many students, the high cost and numerous choices surrounding college textbooks end up being a surprising source of woe. Forget spending a mere $100 on textbooks in […]

How to Maximize Your College’s Meal Plan

When you’re a freshman and you live on campus, it’s mandatory that you purchase a meal plan for both semesters. Meal plans can be thousands of dollars, so why not get everything that you can out of your meal plan? First of all, the reason your meal plan is so expensive is because of the […]

Community College Benefits Many

There are many factors that determine what college someone attends. Factors such as distance from home, tuition, size, convenience, and scheduling affect many prospective college students. Many students starting out in college attend community college to build a solid foundation to their education, complete basic requirements, and decide what they want to study. Community college […]