Be Your own Academic Advisor

As a college student, you know how important registering for classes is. You want to be one of the firsts to register for classes and have the best class times offered to you. While academic advisors and professors offer infinite guidance and ideas, you are your own future maker. You plan the destiny and what […]

Considering Summer School? Pros & Cons

May rolls around and college is out for the year. You finally get a break from hours of studying, sitting through lectures, and doing countless assignments. Sleeping in every day and lounging on the pool deck awaits you. You can’t hardly wait to spend 3 months homework free. However, you may want to consider taking […]

What to Do When the Class You Need Is Closed

As a college student, there’s nothing worse than seeing the dreadful “closed-icon” above the class that you so desperately needed to take next semester. Don’t start freaking out just yet! Make sure you exhaust all of your options before throwing in the towel. 1. Contact the Professor The first thing that you always want to […]

How to Enjoy a Class the You Hate

In college, not every class is going to be your favorite. Almost every student can name the class that was utmost unbearable during their college days. It’s the first week of the semester. As you sit in your 300 level Spanish class or your introductory to music class, you realize this is the class that […]

Pet Peeves: Professors have them too

Professors are the nucleus of every department. They report to the department deans and administrators. They tell them how the students feel and their feedback. Professors write syllabi and course textbooks. They help students become educated young adults as the students enter the working world. Professors rely on the students to give them feedback. They […]

Undecided? Follow These Tips to Make a Decision

Every prospective college student hates the dreaded question of “what is your major?” From the time you start thinking about college to years into your career, people will ask you what you majored in during college. It can be frustrating if you are unsure of your decision as you embark on your college career. From […]

Talking To College Professors, Dos And Don’ts

The college years are all about learning and growth. The most obvious place to learn is in class from trained professionals called professors. Building a healthy relationship with these individuals could help keep your GPA up and improve your understanding of course material. Despite popular belief, professors are experts in their field. Treat them as […]

How Can Your Academic Advisor Help You?

Out of all the people who are there to help you succeed in college, your academic advisor can be your best friend. This person is assigned to you in order to guide you through your entire college career. Why do so many students go to their advisor only when required by the college? This person […]