A Healthy Dose of Studying

The idea behind college is to get a degree. That degree will, hopefully, garner a well paid career. Granted, while not many job interviews involve a careful perusal of academic transcripts, the grades in college still matter. Grades reflect work ethic, knowledge and dedication. Without these three things, a well paying job is certainly out […]

Quitting In College

Finishing college looks completely different for everyone. Majors, classes, friends, internships, clubs, sports, dorms…all of that and more shapes the college experience. Entering college with a ‘can-do’ attitude is a good place to start. However, it is also important to know when to cut your losses and just get out of a situation. Quitting a […]

Don’t Be a Freeloader!

It’s been nearly a decade since “adultescence” was chosen by Webster as the word of the year. According to the dictionary publisher, the rising number of young adults mooching off good old Mom and Dad was enough to be considered a “Peter Pandemic.” According to the New York Times, these so-called “kidults” blame the high […]

Celebrities agree: It helps to have a Degree

As you decide whether or not to attend college, it can be tempting to take a different path and try to become famous. While celebrity status may be in your future, it takes work and dedication to achieve those dreams. While it is often misunderstood that one can become famous without attending college, many celebrities […]

How to Professionally Email Your Professor

Professors are a key source to excelling at your college career. They offer a wealth of information and advice within your discipline. While professors may often seem superior, they are respectable people who want to help their students. When communicating with your professor, be sure to be as professional as possible. Emailing is particularly popular […]

Pick Two: Social Life, Good Grades, or Sleep

Several factors go into the success of your college experience. On one hand, it is a social environment with parties, friends and little adult supervision. On the other, it is a place of academics. Studying may not be your favorite thing, and you may think that the kid down the hall who studies every night […]

How to Have a Great Time in College

For many people, college is one of the best and most memorable times of their lives. Not only will you likely learn more in a four year period than you ever have before, but you’ll gain valuable life experience in the process. Many students, however, enter into college with little idea of what to expect […]

Make the Most of Your Junior Year of High School

It may feel like only yesterday when you were leaving your Sponge Bob Squarepants backpack at home and entering high school. With busy class schedules and socializing with friends on the weekends, the years have flown by. You are now of junior status in high school and people are starting to ask you what your […]