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always-smilingThe lack of money marks the most common plight for college students. The education they pay for leaves very little room for extravagance. Textbooks are, unfortunately, a necessary extravagance. Most textbooks are upwards of 75$with a resale value of less then 50%. Some colorful language always spouts when a student realizes the 100$ textbook is only being used for four chapters of a fifteen-chapter book. Many professors do use the whole textbook, while some only use selections. Asking a student to pay extravagant prices for a book they will not even use entirely is wasteful. There may be some hope.

Most professors hand out syllabi the first day of class, they are required. Syllabi outline the course and often the books/chapters used. Email professors ahead of time and request the syllabus before class or explain your plan to buy only the chapters necessary. Yes, you can buy just the necessary chapters. EChapters is a system that only charges $1.99-$7.99 per chapter of a textbook. This tailored book buying system makes it super easy to spend less money on textbooks.

EChapters come through some college bookstores and many providers. One website,, offers eChapters, textbook purchases/rentals, digital downloads, flashcards and other supplemental materials. Cenage seeks to provide a variety of studying tools to fit all study styles. EChapters and eBooks are a confusing thing for many students, especially less technological non-traditional students. Their growing popularity is due to the inflated price of textbooks. At it is possible to buy 3 chapters from a 90$ book for only $3.99 per chapter. The savings amount to $70. Most college bookstores cannot beat that price.

Versatility is the secret of eChapters and eBooks. requires customers to download Unsealer, their viewer software. EChapters and eBooks are downloaded through Unsealer in a sPDF. This file format is like a normal PDF but it is secure and prohibits illegal distribution. Properly installing this on your computer(s) is important for the use of eChapters.

After the sPDF is complete the content appears online and offline. The offline access continues for 60 days while the online version is available for the entire semester. To reinstate offline use the user must re-authenticate their license online. For those who do not want to work solely on a computer there are printing options. A limited amount of copies can be printed to prevent illegal sharing. Additional access comes through two licenses available per download. A student can license their school computer and home computer. Then they can access the book from home on vacation. Most shared computers, college owned, will not adapt with Unsealer so Cenage recommends downloading to a personal computer.

Cutting down the cost of college appeals to most students. Try eChapters, save a bit of money, and receive the same information. works with a distributed that currently offers over 15,000 titles. Check for your textbooks today!

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