Best Jobs for the College Student

Young man workingWith busy class schedules, a social life, and involvement in extracurricular activities, many students have their plates full. However, many college students are looking for a little extra cash to use for tuition or to go out on the weekend. There are many options for part- time work that college students can fit into their busy schedules and let their wallets grow.

It is important to find a job that allows flexibility in schedule and ability to grow. With time management and a positive attitude, a student can succeed in school and have a few extra dollars in their wallet.

Restaurant Server

The most popular and common job for college students is waiting tables. As a restaurant server, the average hourly wage is ten dollars with additional tips. Students can easily fit waiting tables into their schedules as the need for servers is always there. Many restaurants will require servers to work weekend nights, but there are more tips and a faster pace then. An additional bonus, many restaurants offer discounts on their food to employees.


Tutoring is another common job for college students. Since they are working on becoming experts in a particular area, they can share their wisdom and knowledge to other students. Depending on experience and location, tutors make between ten and fifty dollars an hour. Tutoring also allows a student to set their own hours and work when they want. Many schools set up learning resource centers and writing labs that hire students.


Ushering at local sporting events, concerts, movie theatres, and gust lectures can have exponential benefits for college students. They can be educational and cultural. Ushering gives the employee free admission to events and they could have a chance to meet famous people and celebrities. Since the majority of big events happen on weekends, ushering can easily fit into a college student’s schedule but it might negatively impact their weekend social life.

Babysitter or Caregiver

Many college students babysit or care for the elderly in the community. Jobs in the community help others and add a little cash to the pockets. The schedule is flexible and depends on when help is needed. Babysitting and caring for others provides a great networking opportunity to meet others. College students can help take care of others, cook, do light housekeeping, and offer assistance. This opportunity can be rewarding and build strong bonds with individuals in the community.

Paid Intern

Paid internships are every college students dream. Internships allow students to make a few extra dollars and provide first-hand experience in the career field they wish to go into. Many Fortune 500 companies offer internship programs, if the student successfully completes them, they are guaranteed a job with the company. The career experience for college students is rewarding and satisfying. A college career services center or professors can assist students to finding their perfect internship.

Part- time jobs can be very beneficial to college students. They can help enhance their financial independence and open the doors for career opportunities. With the time management and planning, college students can thrive and be successful while balancing classwork, a social life, and a job.

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