Be Your own Academic Advisor

casual student or teacher in a classroomAs a college student, you know how important registering for classes is. You want to be one of the firsts to register for classes and have the best class times offered to you.

While academic advisors and professors offer infinite guidance and ideas, you are your own future maker. You plan the destiny and what you want to do.

Super- seniors walk campus every day. A super- senior is a student who has been a senior for more then one year (sometimes even two or more years). Many individuals never want college to end; however, each extra semester costs money and time. Make a plan to graduate on time.

Set your own road map. At the beginning of every semester, write down the classes you still need to take in order to graduate. Choose a mixture of easier and more challenging classes in order to survive the semester. Look for class times in the semester and try to solve the puzzle of the perfect schedule for the semester. You know, the no classes before noon and classes that allow three- day weekends schedule.

Study the course catalog like the back of your hand. Every college has a course catalog to show what classes each major needs to take in order to graduate. The course catalog will also offer class descriptions and an abundance of knowledge. Course catalogs often offer guides on what classes to take in order to graduate in eight semesters with a balanced schedule.

Pre- requisites are classes that students are required to take before they take an upper- level class The course catalog states these classes. Students should be aware of these classes so they can plan their schedule correctly. Worst- case scenario is having two classes left before graduation and one of them is a pre- requisite to the other. You will now have to add two extra semesters with only one class per semester.

Do not save your most challenging classes for your senior year. Make senior year bearable by having the opportunity to take classes that interest you. Overloading yourself with all upper- level classes can be brutal.

Use your electives for your own benefit. Electives are designed to help you build a more broad and vast education. Research classes that are interesting to you. Use electives to minor in a certain subject or study abroad in another town or country.

Keep all records for years to come. Documents that show academic progress, transcripts, and excellent test grades. The best way to be informed is to keep your own organization. As an added bonus, when you need a letter or recommendation for a job or graduate school, you can take the documents to the professor writing the letter to allow them to incorporate your achievements into the letter.

Resources are available to benefit you. Many colleges offer advising resources online. Learn these systems to easily access student records, current transcripts, and outstanding requirements.

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