To Commute or Not to Commute, That Is the Question

Most traditional students will not have to ask this question. Living on campus will be a no brainer for someone who travels far from home for the cutting edge program at the premier college. However, with the state of the current troubled economy, most students will not be able to just pick up and go […]

Sell Textbooks on Facebook!

College students have a tool today that no other generation could even fathom: Facebook. The social network phenomenon created by college students for college students has become such an intricate part of college life. Clubs connect; students meet and trade information all on face book. Why not textbooks? This website offers two ways for buying […]

Seven Ways To Be A Creeper

The world of dating in college can be super fun and exciting. However, there are individuals who make it super uncomfortable. College students unanimously call these individuals, creepers. Here are seven ways to avoid this title and hopefully land a date or two or three during the college years. Get Her Number From Someone Else […]

Pick Two: Social Life, Good Grades, or Sleep

Several factors go into the success of your college experience. On one hand, it is a social environment with parties, friends and little adult supervision. On the other, it is a place of academics. Studying may not be your favorite thing, and you may think that the kid down the hall who studies every night […]

Student Loan Repayment Options

Five-figure student loan debt is a thing of the present. This debt is a completely new beast that recent graduates contend with on a yearly, monthly and sometimes daily basis. Student debt has risen 47% in the past decade; along with economic downturn, this makes the world an uncertain place for recent graduates. Students are […]

Buy Textbooks By The Chapter

The lack of money marks the most common plight for college students. The education they pay for leaves very little room for extravagance. Textbooks are, unfortunately, a necessary extravagance. Most textbooks are upwards of 75$with a resale value of less then 50%. Some colorful language always spouts when a student realizes the 100$ textbook is […]

Dating On A College Budget

Taking someone special out during college can often break the monthly budget. Keep the fancy dinners to a minimum, like special occasions. Steaks by candle light every Saturday night will quickly leave a student broke. Coffee Date First dates and low-key outings can be a tricky thing to pull off. Impressing a potential significant other […]

Are You and Your Roommate Arguing Again?

“My classes are not so hard; I am just stressed because of my roommate again!” Some variation of this sentence is repeated on college campuses time and time again. Two peers living together will inevitably have disagreements. You only have a problem when those arguments begin to happen over and over again. Here are a […]