Ten Necessary Topics For New Roommate Discussion

First time freshman or learned senior, these issues must be spoken about within the first week of living with a new roommate. Communicating about these problems early on will pave the way for a less stressful semester. 1. Pet Peeves Everyone has something that will always annoy them. Whether it pertains to noises, actions or […]

A Healthy Dose of Studying

The idea behind college is to get a degree. That degree will, hopefully, garner a well paid career. Granted, while not many job interviews involve a careful perusal of academic transcripts, the grades in college still matter. Grades reflect work ethic, knowledge and dedication. Without these three things, a well paying job is certainly out […]

Quitting In College

Finishing college looks completely different for everyone. Majors, classes, friends, internships, clubs, sports, dorms…all of that and more shapes the college experience. Entering college with a ‘can-do’ attitude is a good place to start. However, it is also important to know when to cut your losses and just get out of a situation. Quitting a […]

What Is A Non-Traditional Student?

College campuses are no longer populated with a singular part of American population. Increasing numbers of people are going back to school after military service, raising a family or high school mistakes. The years they took off from school and the experience they gained makes them a non-traditional student. This status is applied liberally to […]

Where Is My Dinner? The College Student’s Search for Food

You are in college, so, unless you commute from home, your lunch no longer comes in a brown paper bag with mom’s handwriting on it and your dinner does not magically appear on a plate when you return home. You are now your only resource for food. Typically, you live in a dorm where there […]

The Woes of Textbook Sharing

The price of textbooks has been sharply increasing for years now. Students and teachers keep searching for cheaper alternatives. Some advice in the past involved the sharing of textbooks between students. While this may work for roommates or a short amount of time, this practice is mostly frowned upon. The probability of loss or damage […]

The Major Identities on the College Campus

There is a unique pecking order that appears on college campuses, that of Major Identities. Stepping into a crowded study room or the cafeteria, these groups will surround you. The table of theater kids laughing at obscure inside jokes, a group of jocks doing who knows what with their food and the slightly odd group […]

3 Things You Do Not Need In A Dorm

Living in a college dorm room is one of the most compact living situations you will encounter. Knowing the essentials and leaving behind the clutter is important. Having a neat area where your things are easily accessible but you still feel at home is important. This is your space and your roommates’ space. Respect that […]