Community College Benefits Many

There are many factors that determine what college someone attends. Factors such as distance from home, tuition, size, convenience, and scheduling affect many prospective college students. Many students starting out in college attend community college to build a solid foundation to their education, complete basic requirements, and decide what they want to study. Community college […]

Top 10 Interview Skills to Impress

Congratulations, you have landed an interview with a potential employer. Your foot is in the door but you must complete the interview process. Characteristics of interviews vary from job to job. Following the simple tips below can help you land the job and start the next chapter of your life. 1. Dress appropriately Depending on […]

Get to Know Your Professors

With rigorous class schedules and detailed syllabi, professors can often be hard to reach and intimidating. Do not be afraid of your professors. Build a strong relationship with your professors as they are full of knowledge and experience in the field you are about to enter. Professors can be your best allies in college as […]