How to Survive Moving Back Home

You will never forget your graduation day. The day will be filled with love and support from your roommates, friends, professors, family, and mom and dad. Mom and dad, also known as your new roommates. You will also never forget the day you have to pack your new diploma and bedding into your mom’s minivan […]

Best Jobs for the College Student

With busy class schedules, a social life, and involvement in extracurricular activities, many students have their plates full. However, many college students are looking for a little extra cash to use for tuition or to go out on the weekend. There are many options for part- time work that college students can fit into their […]

Parents: Baby is off to college- now what?

For parents and students alike, college is an exciting and new experience. Parents pack the minivan, sign the tuition bill, and hope for the best for their child in their new environment. After meeting the roommate, making the child’s bed for the final time, and pushing the tears away; parents are left with an empty […]

Save big with Student ID

With the increasing cost of textbooks, tuition, and college expenses, many college students are pinching their wallets to save money. One of the first expenses of a college student is the handy Student Identification Card. This card will allow you to check out library books, store your meal plan, and act as a key card […]

Pay for College Without Added Stress

As you embark on your college career, it is important to have your finances and savings in check. College is a large investment that can cost over six figures  for attending  four years. It is easy to go into debt and cause large amounts of stress. Do not panic. There are options to assist you […]

Pet Peeves: Professors have them too

Professors are the nucleus of every department. They report to the department deans and administrators. They tell them how the students feel and their feedback. Professors write syllabi and course textbooks. They help students become educated young adults as the students enter the working world. Professors rely on the students to give them feedback. They […]

Undecided? Follow These Tips to Make a Decision

Every prospective college student hates the dreaded question of “what is your major?” From the time you start thinking about college to years into your career, people will ask you what you majored in during college. It can be frustrating if you are unsure of your decision as you embark on your college career. From […]

Sexiled: Don’t be a Victim

It’s Thursday night. While your friends are out celebrating Thirsty Thursday, you are stuck in the library. You have a Biology midterm first thing in the morning. You have just spent the past twelve hours buried in your textbooks and finally feel confident in the material. You are ready to ace the exam. You make […]