Fire Safety on Campus, Part 2

Books, class schedules, prerequisites, sports, social life, and more—college life is filled with many areas that demand your attention. But all of those aspects of your life can literally go up in smoke if you don’t prioritize fire safety. As significant as having fire safety equipment properly installed and paying attention to fire alarms may […]

Fire Safety on Campus, Part 1

Just because you aren’t ready for home ownership doesn’t mean you can afford not to consider fire safety. Maybe you remember some key points from elementary school like “stop, drop, and roll.” Once you’re living on your own—either in a college dormitory or in your first apartment or sorority house—you need to make sure your […]

Paying to Study Abroad

Many students pass up the wonderful opportunity to study abroad because they believe that they don’t have the money. This is very unfortunate, however, as studying abroad doesn’t have to be the financial burden that many students believe it to be. If you want to study abroad but are afraid of spending the money, consider […]

Be Smart Buying Textbooks at the College Bookstore

Professors usually post required course material information a few weeks before classes begin (or maybe even during the first week of classes) and this leaves college students scrambling to get a textbook for the best price. If they find out the required textbook the first week of class, chances are they will need to purchase […]

8 Inexpensive but Fun Date Ideas for This Fall

We all know that being a college student means you’re tight on money. Spending quality time with your significant other is what really matters. So, take a look at these cute and cozy date ideas. Jack-O’-Love Halloween is a thrilling time of the year. You and your significant other get the opportunity to dress up […]

Be Your own Academic Advisor

As a college student, you know how important registering for classes is. You want to be one of the firsts to register for classes and have the best class times offered to you. While academic advisors and professors offer infinite guidance and ideas, you are your own future maker. You plan the destiny and what […]

Thank the College Admissions Officers

Applying to college is over-whelming. From filling out common applications to sending transcripts every direction, it never seems to end. When all the applications are sent out and the weight is off your shoulders, you feel like the schools should be sending you thank you letters (and acceptance letters, too) just for taking the effort […]

Easy Ways to Avoid the “Freshman 15”

Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you have to gain weight, and using common sense and the nutrition skills you already know can help you maintain a healthy body weight. For instance, make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. The dining hall is usually the easiest place to get food in college, […]