8 Inexpensive but Fun Date Ideas for This Fall

college student wearing crazy socksWe all know that being a college student means you’re tight on money. Spending quality time with your significant other is what really matters. So, take a look at these cute and cozy date ideas.


Halloween is a thrilling time of the year. You and your significant other get the opportunity to dress up in as some pretty cool duos like Superman and Wonder Woman, Danny and Sandy, or the cop and robber.

So, why not get yourselves in a festive mood by going pumpkin picking. You can go for a hayride and snuggle up while sipping on some warm apple cider.

Defrost Yourselves

Your chemistry will be melting the ice of your local ice skating rink. You can just glide around the ice holding hands or you can heat it up by having a competition. Who can do the most spins in a row or, who skate on one leg the longest? A little friendly banter goes a long way!

Down, Set, Hut!

Fall is the perfect time for some touch football! Head outside with your loved one and throw the ball around. Have some other couples come and split into two teams for a fun battle of the sexes game.

Better yet, grab some lip-smacking snacks and root like crazy for your team. Nothing’s better than football rivalry!

Pure Bliss Picnics

Going on a romantic picnic is always simple and sweet. What’s more endearing than lounging on a blanket in the warm sun and cool fall air while munching on some finger foods? It’s easy enough to pack some lunch and head out to the park for some quality relaxation!

Flash Back

Drive-in movie theaters have an old-school charm to them. It’s like you’re flashing back to the 1950’s. It’s fun to be adventurous and try new things together.

What’s great is you can bring all the food and drinks that you want without paying ridiculous prices! You also don’t have to worry about being super quite, so you can joke, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company.

My Fair Lady

County fairs are very popular in the fall, so turn to your inner child and play away! Share some childhood favorites like fluffy cotton candy or buttery, freshly popped popcorn. Play games and try to win a prize for your sweetie. Take a romantic Ferris wheel ride together and gaze into the horizon.

Follow the Leader

The turning of the leaves throughout the fall season is one of the most beautiful sites to be seen. So, get up close and personal with nature and take a hike together. Lead each other hand-in-hand up and around the mountains. Bring a camera along to snap pictures of the scenic experience, as well as, some of candid pictures of you two!

Starlight, Star Bright

A clear, crisp fall night is the best time to lie on the hood of your car and stare up into the sky star gazing. Bring a blanket and some hot cocoa or soup to keep yourselves warm. It’s the perfect way to end your day.

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