3 Ways to Make Friends before College

group of casual students at universityAs incoming freshman, every student feels just as nervous, excited, and even a little bit as leery as you feel too.

College is a whole new world compared to your high school years. Besides preparing yourself for the real world, the best thing about college are the lifelong friendships and bonds you’re going to hold near and dear to your heart forever.

So, why not start before you even step foot on campus? Gather all your strength, be brave, and put yourself out there. I promise it’ll be okay! You’ll have lunch dates and hang out sessions planned before you know it!

Every college and university has an official Facebook page, along with that there are always Facebook pages for the new incoming freshman class. Don’t wait another minute! Go, scope your college’s page out, and start socializing!

1.Where Art Thou Roommate

The most nerve-racking yet exciting part of moving in is meeting your roommate but now you can find out who they are and all about them before you get to school!

About a month or so before school starts, you’ll find out who your roommate is for the year. Find them on Facebook and start forming that special roomie bond.

Talk about your favorite things, family, friends, and funny high school memories that have you rolling in fits of laughter. You’ll be spending a lot of time together over the next year.

2.Move In Dates!

Anticipation has slowly increased all summer long and the closer it gets you just can’t take it anymore! You want to move into school and you want to do it now!

Get the excitement going in your Facebook group by saying when you’re moving in and where you’re living. Then, ask if anyone lives on the same floor or in the same building.

You’ll be surprised by how many eager responses you’ll receive back and quickly too. Everyone can’t wait to just get up there and hang out with each other!

Before you know it, you’ll know who your neighbors are and what you have in common with them. You found out you both love the show New Girl, so Tuesday nights at 9 pm you have a TV show date complete with popcorn and soda.

3.You’re All One in the Same

You’re all going to be the new kids on campus; therefore you’re all in the same boat. So try not to stress yourself out about making friends. It’ll happen naturally because you’re all going to be freshman leaning on each other and trying to survive the first few weeks of college together.

If someone friend requests you on Facebook from your freshman Facebook group, accept them! Send them a message striking up a conversation about school, majors, or dorm rooms, anything! They’ll be relieved to see a friendly message from a potential new friend from school.

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