3 Things You Do Not Need In A Dorm

Living in a college dorm room is one of the most compact living situations you will encounter. Knowing the essentials and leaving behind the clutter is important. Having a neat area where your things are easily accessible but you still feel at home is important. This is your space and your roommates’ space. Respect that space and use it wisely. The titles below may seem out of place, but the key is extras. Having extras of anything is just a waste of space.


Yes, you want to look stylish and have everything you need in your closet. However, does that winter coat really need to hang there while you are roasting without air conditioning? How about those five extra pair of jeans you never wear? Leave most of your wardrobe at home. Most college students are able to travel back and forth from home on breaks, holidays and some weekends. Transferring seasonal wardrobes back and forth is a smart way to save on space.


Okay yes, textbooks are important and you may need them down the road. But really, if you are a literature major will you really need your intro to bio book? Probably not. Sell the textbooks not relevant to your major when you are done with them. Not only is this a good source of money, but it gives you more room for new books. This goes for pleasure reading as well. Do you really need your entire anime collection, or the entire Harry Potter series cluttering your shelves? These books can stay at home until you need them. College will not allow much time for pleasure reading anyways.


Most rooming situations in college are favorable. The roommate from hell will come along sometimes and then having all your own things is a good idea, but for the most part three printers in a dorm room is just silly. In this modern age of wireless printing, you can share the printer with a roommate or just go to the library and computer labs. Not only will this save you money and room but it’s helpful for the environment as well.

Then how about refrigerators, TVs, gaming systems and the like? Having double everything in such a small space is impractical. Plan ahead with your roommate on who will bring what electronic device and then have a system on who gets to use it when.

Saving yourself space and money during college are two important actions. Your stress level will decrease and that of those around you. Keep the extras and clutter at home for a hospitable dorm living situation.

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